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What Is Self Assessment

Self Assessment Helpline

HMRC Self-assessment FAQ.

What is self-assessment?

Self-assessment involves taxpayers being responsible for calculating and paying their own tax contribution by an annual tax deadline set by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). If you need to ask any questions call the contact number.

Who has to file a self-assessment tax return?

Everybody who does not use a PAYE tax system has to fill in a self-assessment tax return, including high rate taxpayers and those with income from any property they have.

When should I pay my tax?

Taxpayers usually pay their tax by instalments on the 31st January and 31st July. Any balance that is owed or tax overpaid is calculated at the end of the following January.

Can I pay my tax after the deadline?

If you are late paying your tax you will be fined and interest will be added. A £100 fine is applied if your return is late and another £100 fine is due if the balance is not paid within 6 months. A 5% charge could also be applied if the balance for the previous tax year is not paid by the 28th February and a further 5% charge if it still not paid by the end of July. This fine will never be greater than the amount of tax owed. If you need an extension on filing your tax return call the HMRC and ask the advisor.

Self Assessment Contact 0843 455 0044.

When is the deadline for returning my tax return?

Paper tax returns are due by 31st October after the end of the tax year and electronic returns are due by the following 31st January.

Will HMRC assess my tax return?

Assessments are rare but can be undertaken by HMRC if there is a delay in submitting your tax payment or your return has suspicious expenses. You will receive annual statements from HMRC.

How will HMRC check that my tax return is correct?

Every year some self-assessment returns are selected at random for checking, and if HMRC suspects that your tax return is incorrect they will ask questions to make sure that everything listed on your return is in order. If you have any questions regarding your application, call the HMRC contact number. The HMRC have twelve months from when your return was submitted to inform you that they will be making inquiries about your tax contribution.

How do I prove my tax return is correct?

You should keep all documents and receipts that support the information on your tax return being correct.

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