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The government offers expectant women an allowance. This is for self-employed women or those whose earnings do not allow them to claim the statutory benefit. Maternity benefit is paid out for thirty-nine (39) weeks. And can be paid every two weeks or, every four weeks in arrears. This period is usually referred to as the maternity allowance period. This service is backed up by a Maternity Allowance helpline number for contact purposes.


For a person to confirm their eligibility for this allowance, here are a few guidelines:

  • If the individual is not entitled to statutory maternity pay, the proof of this is required in the form of a document known as SMP1. This document will list why the person is ineligible for statutory allowance.
  • If the individual has been employed for a minimum of twenty-six(26) of the sixty-six(66) weeks before the expected week of delivery, they are eligible for maternity allowance.
  • If the person earns a gross weekly wage of fewer than thirty pounds for the duration of the test period.
  • When the individual is considered to make a gross weekly wage of thirty pounds during the test period.
  • The expectant person has stopped work to deliver her baby.

To get this allowance, you do not have to be a UK citizen. People who have registered their businesses with HM Revenue and Customs are eligible. Failure to register or late registration could lead to you losing all or part of the allowance.

The Helpline Number is 0843 455 0033.

It is advisable to claim maternity allowance at the start of the fourteenth week before the expected delivery week. That is when the claim is officially recognised. In the case of an earlier than anticipated birth, the mother can immediately claim the allowance. It does not affect the progress of the test period.

In the case of sickness during the last month of pregnancy, it is always advisable that a claim is immediately filed. This facilitates the immediate start of your allowance on the day after sickness is reported. Further details can be accessed through the helpline number 0843 455 0033.

More information on the allowance and the process of payment. Is easily obtained by calling the helpline. This will get you professional help how to go about claiming the allowance. You can download a claim form here, more info can be seen here at the Money Advice Service.

Maternity Allowance Numbers.

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Maternity Allowance0843 455 0033

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Monday – Friday8 am to 6 pm

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Maternity Allowance OfficeWrexham Maternity Allowance.
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