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HMRC VAT HelplineVAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax levied by many governments throughout the world. In the UK, VAT is administered by HMRC, the government’s tax office. HMRC Online Services providing information and support about VAT, are available on the at and are also provide by calling the HMRC on 0843 455 0092.

Value Added Tax applies to many products sold and services provided to consumers in shops, restaurants and numerous other places. Also including most online sales and services since 2014. The amount of VAT paid in the UK has exceeded £100 billion per year.

Sellers and providers of goods and services must register for VAT with the HMRC if their relevant annual turnover exceeds a certain amount. In March 2016 this amount was £82,000. But traders should check the HMRC Online Services or their Helpline Number to see if VAT registration is required. Once registered, a trader will have to pay VAT on goods and services purchased by traders. And will be able to offset this by charging VAT on things sold to his own customers and clients.

In the UK, VAT is calculated as a fixed percentage of the selling price of the items or services. It was introduced in 1973 as a replacement for a 25% Purchase Tax when the UK joined the European Economic Community. And is currently applied to items and services at one of three rates. Standard, Reduced or Exempt. Detailed information on how VAT applies to specific items and services can be found by using the HMRC Online Services. However, a brief overview of the three classes of VAT follows.

VAT Contact Number 0843 455 0092.

The Standard rate of VAT is currently set at 20% (March 2016). So as to conform with other members of the European Union and applies to the majority of items and services sold in the UK. The Reduced rate of VAT, currently 5%. Applies to a restricted set of goods and services the most notable being energy supply to homes and businesses, (gas, electricity and so forth). Items and services that are Exempt from VAT cover notable areas such as food, publications and financial services and also other areas.

The laws and rules surrounding VAT and VAT rates can and do change. Current information on VAT is available on the HMRC Online Services and via the HMRC contact number relevant to the question you have to ask.

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