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What is PAYE?

HMRC PAYE HelplinePAYE stands for “Pay As You Earn” and is the main way that the United Kingdom government collects Income Tax from people’s salaries. The government department responsible for the collection of Income Tax is Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (“HMRC“). HMRC operates a helpline number for employers and for employees 0843 455 0092. They also have extensive online information and tools for PAYE on the UK government website at

HMRC require each employer to administer PAYE for each of their employees. To enable this, HMRC issues a Tax Code for each of the employer’s staff. By using this Tax Code, the employer’s payroll department can calculate how much Income Tax and National Insurance (an additional kind of income tax) to deduct each time the employee is paid.

Each payday, the employer must provide a report online to HMRC detailing the tax deducted from salaries. And soon after, pay the money to HMRC. If an employer uses an outsourced payroll administrator. Then that administrator will perform the necessary reporting to HMRC as part of its services. In either case, an employer PAYE Number is (tel: 0843 455 0092) is available for queries.

HMRC PAYE Helpline Number 0843 455 0092.

Some advantages of the PAYE system to the government are that a lot of the effort and cost of collecting Income Tax is delegated to the employers. And the tax is essentially collected as soon as it becomes due. Soon after payday, rather than at a much later date. A benefit to employees is that the majority do not need to fill out an annual Tax Return. Accounting for income nor themselves pay the tax directly to HMRC because their employer arranges payment of it on their behalf (although each employee ultimately remains legally responsible for payment of their tax).

It’s worth noting that if an employee’s anticipated earnings for a given tax year are unlikely to exceed a government-set threshold, then the Tax Code issued by HMRC should indicate to the payroll administrator that no tax need be withheld for that employee (unless the employee has several sources of income that in total would exceed the threshold).

A telephone HMRC PAYE Contact Info for employees (0843 455 0092) is connected to the HMRC who are able to offer advice and answer specific queries on PAYE and Income Tax.

General Helpline (HMRC):

HelplineHelpline Number
PAYE Office Number0843 455 0092

Helpline Hours:

DaysOpening Hours
Monday to Friday.8am to 8 pm
Saturday.8am to 4 pm

Address For PAYE Helpline:

HMRC DepartmentAddress
Income TaxPay As You Earn and Self Assessment.
HM Revenue and Customs.
BX9 1AS.
United Kingdom.

PAYE Contact Number 0843 455 0092.



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