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What is A Crisis Loan

Crisis Loan Number

Did you know that you can access a range of financial services that can bail you out in the case of a crisis? Well, here is the secret; you can call Crisis Loan Helpline 0843 455 7047 to get financial assistance to sort you out whenever you are faced with an overwhelming emergency. The financial assistance you get in case of an emergency is aptly named crisis loans.

A crisis loan is an interest-free financial facility offered by the government and is available to anyone above the age of 16 years. You do not need to be a beneficiary of other government benefits to access a crisis loan.

Crisis loans in the UK are now known as Budgeting loans and are paid from the social fund. They can be used to bridge the gap when moving to universal credit, as this is paid every 4 weeks.

A Few Facts About Crisis Loans

Now Under Local Councils

As of March 2013, crisis loans are no longer issued by the government. However local councils have been tasked with sustaining a functional emergency support system for the citizenry. The support, which is taken from Discretionary Funds, usually depends on the prevailing personal circumstances as well as the local council’s procedures and guidelines.

What You Can Do With a Crisis Loan

Most of us have seen tough times at least once in our lives. Therefore, if you are facing hard times, you can get a loan to help you sort out essentials such as;

  • Daily expenses such as food
  • Boarding or loading charges/hostel residential fees
  • Travel expenses for those who are stranded away from home

Crisis loans are also issued when disasters such as floods or fires which cause temporary financial crisis from the destruction of property and loss of livelihoods. The emergency loan can help you meet daily expenses such as food as well as help replace household items.

The crisis loan also comes in handy for those whose Community Care Grant is insufficient for other expenses such as advance rent to private landlords.

How Much Is Issued?

A crisis loan, unlike other government benefits, does not have limits on the amount that each should be given. However, there are a few factors that determine the amount you will be given. These factors are:

  • The prevailing severity of your circumstances
  • The amount you have saved up
  • Any unpaid Social Fund Loans

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.

How to Access Crisis Loans

The rules and regulations pertaining to crisis funding vary from one council to the next; there is no set general rule. While one council send the money directly to churches and food banks, others offer a card that is already loaded with the cash you need while others will give you cash on a short term basis.

There are a few conditions, however, that cut across the board. These conditions that qualify you for a crisis loan include:

  • Must be 16 years and above
  • A duly filled application form
  • You must not have taken the same loan more than 3 times in one year

The standard processing time for a crisis loan is 19 days. If by the 20th day you have not received any notification regarding the progress of your application, you can call the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031. It is not advisable to call if the processing time has not lapsed, unless if you would like to cancel the application.

You must note that the crisis loan is only used to meet dire needs such as healthcare, food, and shelter. It cannot be used as court fees, education, debt repayments or work-related expenses. Before you take up the loan, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement.

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.

How to Repay the Crisis Loan

Like all other financial facilities, it is important to note down the terms attached to the crisis loans. Once out qualify for the funds and they are released for your use, it is advisable to work out a repayment loan with the help of your Social Security Adviser. You can call the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031 to get advice on how to go about it.

When working out a repayment plan, keep the following in mind.

  • The repayment amounts should be affordable to you
  • A repayment frequency should be achievable

Since the loan is an interest-free facility, you will pay exactly what you got (in smaller, affordable instalments). The best part about this facility is that it is not counted as a government benefit. This means that your chances on other government benefits are not affected.

What to Do If You Have a Query

If you are not pleased with the decision the local council makes concerning your crisis loan application, you should forward your complaints in writing to the Jobs and Benefits Office or the Social Security Office within 28 days of the decision. If you are still not okay with the decision the Social Fund Inspector makes, you are allowed to apply for a review. Alternatively, you can make good use of the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031 to forward your complaints and queries.

There are three addresses to return your application form to depending on where you live, download a claim form.

Crisis Loans:

DepartmentHelpline Number
Budgeting Loans0843 455 7047

Crisis Loan Opening Hours:

DaysOpening Hours
Monday to Friday.8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday & Sundays.Closed

Application Address:

Social Fund
Social Fund
East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, East Anglia and Essex.
Chesterfield Benefit Centre.
Mail Handling Site A.
WV98 1GG.
London, the South and South East, North East and North West England or Wales.
Wembley Benefit Centre.
Mail Handling Site A.
WV98 1HE.
West Midlands, South West England or Scotland.
Birmingham Social Fund.
Post Handling Site B.
WV99 1DA.

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.


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