Child Tax Credit Number

Child Tax Credit Number

CALL 0843 455 0127


What Is Child Tax Credit?

Child Tax Credit NumberChild tax credit is payable depending on your individual circumstances, you can get money for each child and this won’t affect your Child benefit. You can see which benefits you are entitled to on this website.

Child benefit is different to Child tax credits, in that Child benefit can be paid to anyone who is responsible for a child. Even if they are working; whereas Child tax credits are means-tested. To clarify whether or not you are eligible to receive Child tax credits. You can check online at or by telephoning the child tax credit number 0843 455 0127.

To be able to claim. The child you are responsible for needs to be under 16 or under 20 if they are in approved training or education. Only one household can claim for each child if you are unsure if you are responsible for a child you can call and get clarification.

How much will I get?

How much you receive depends on your personal circumstances. The basic amount, known as the ”family element” is up to £545 a year. There is a “tax credit calculator” on the website that will help you work out how much you could get. This benefit is paid weekly or every four weeks into your bank account. Should your circumstances change, such as your income increases or decreases or your child leaves home you must report this as it could affect the amount you receive. You can do this by calling the Tax Credits Number. You can get money for each qualifying child and this will not affect any benefits you receive. However, you cannot claim Tax credits and Universal Credit at the same time.

If the child you are responsible for is disabled you can claim for this in addition to the child element. Also, if this child is severely disabled you can claim for this, and both the child and disabled child element.

If the child is fostered or adopted you can also claim for them unless you are getting money from your local council. You can claim for Child Tax and Working Tax credits on the same form and at any time of the year.

Child Tax Credit Number 0843 455 0127.

When you make a claim you need to keep your financial records for the last three years. This includes bills, payslips, childcare, child’s education and benefits. To start your claim you need to sign in with a Government ID. Or to do this by telephone you can call 0845 455 0127 and request a claim form. It can take up to two weeks for a claim form to be received. A new claim can take up to five weeks to be processed, and you will need to renew the claim every year. However, if you are already claiming tax credits you don’t need to obtain a claim form just request your claim to be updated.

Tax Credits Contact Details.

Child Tax Number0843 455 0127
Tax Credits OfficeTax Credits Renewals.
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office.
Comben House.
Farriers Way.
Netherton, L75 1AX.
Tax Credits New Claims.
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office.
Liverpool, L75 1AZ.
Tax Credits Complaints.
HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office.
Preston, PR1 4AT.
Opening times:8 am – 8 pm, Mon to Fri
8 am – 4 pm Sat
9 am – 5 pm SunClosed:
Easter Sunday – Christmas Day – Boxing Day & New Year’s Day.
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