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Child Benefit

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How To Get Child Benefit Number

Child Benefit Number

General Information.
This Benefit is paid to eligible families with children under sixteen, and sometimes to families with children aged 16-20 who are still in full-time education. It is not means-tested, so it does not depend on your income is below a certain level. Once you have been awarded Child Benefit, you will receive a Reference number, which you may need in order to prove your eligibility for other services.

How to Claim.

Claiming is a simple matter of filling in a form, and returning it, by post, to the office in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The relevant form, CH2, can be downloaded from the government website. Alternatively, it is common for new mothers to be given a Bounty Pack by their midwife, which contains a copy of the form. Calling the Child Benefit Number and requesting a form if you can not find a form.

Who Can Claim?

Only one person can claim this benefit for any one child. This needs to be a person with responsibility for a child, or children, aged under 16. Those responsible for older teenagers might also be able to claim, providing the young person is in approved, full-time education or training.

How Much Will I Get?

The amount of child benefit depends on your individual circumstances but you can use the turn2us calculator to use as a guide before you give them a call.

Child Benefit & Other Numbers.

DepartmentHelpline Number
Child Benefit Helpline0843 455 0128
Tax Credits Helpline0843 455 0127
Universal Credit Helpline0843 455 0035

Child Benefit Address.

DepartmentPostal Address
Child Benefit OfficeHM Revenue and Customs.
PO Box 1.
Newcastle Upon Tyne.
NE88 1AA.

How Much Will I Receive?

At the time of writing, the rates for Benefits are:

  • £20.70 per week for the eldest child.
  • £13.70 per week for subsequent children.

How is it Paid?

Child Benefit is generally paid every four weeks. Some families can choose to receive payment weekly, but this only applies to single-parent families and those in receipt of certain benefits. You will usually be paid on a Monday or a Tuesday, directly into your bank account. In the case of a bank holiday, payment is made early.

Contacting the Correct Office.

If you call the helpline number 0843 455 0128, you will need to have your reference number to hand. You can find this on any of the letters they have sent you.

Finding Your Reference Number.

You may need to provide proof that you receive this benefit, for example, when making other claims. The Child Benefit reference number is proof. It is made up of the letters CHB followed by eight digits, and two letters. It is found on your award notice, and on other correspondence. If necessary, you can also call 0843 455 0128 and ask for your reference number.

Child Benefit Helpline 0843 455 0128.

Read more about not losing your benefit.

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