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What Is Carers Allowance

Carers Allowance NumberIf you are caring for someone unwell or disabled on a permanent basis you could be entitled to Carers Allowance. This is a welfare allowance for those who cannot commit to full-time employment due to this special situation. The rate differs depending on the situation in question. Many people are either unaware they can qualify for this, or simply have not heard of it. The best solution is to fill out an application form or have a chat with a representative in your local office who will inform you of your eligibility. You could also save yourself time and use the contact number on 0843 455 0089.

To claim for this allowance, call the use the helpline and have all valid information ready. You must be looking after the individual for up to 35 hours a week, they do not necessarily have to be a blood relative. Claimants can not be in full-time education either or earning over £100 per week. Be sure to inform the office if you receive any pension or benefits, as this could interfere with your decision. Always be honest and truthful when making your claim. All the information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Contact Carers Allowance on 0843 455 0089.

Becoming a carer is not an easy task. Many people don’t choose it and are left supporting a loved on their own with no other options. It can be expensive and very time-consuming, it is nice to know you can get that extra bit of support. Carers Allowance is available for those who need it most, therefore, it should be respected with honesty and not be misused. Age UK has a section on their website regarding carers allowance.

If you need help or have questions filling out the application form, then make a note of this number 0843 455 0089, get the information to hand you might need and give them a call. There are times when a circumstance could change, perhaps you decide to take up extra employment, or the individual you are looking for is admitted to a hospital, in these cases or others inform your local unit straight away. This is to protect both you and the patient at hand. Any incorrect information could lead to a cut in your allowance and further serious action, so the use of the carers allowance number is important to get the application right.

Contact Carers Allowance.

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