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Guardians Allowance

Guardians Allowance

CALL 0843 455 0049


What Is Guardian’s Allowance?

Guardian's Allowance NumberWhen a child loses both of their parents, it can have devastating effects. Not only do they lose their parental figures, but the struggle to find a loving home that can raise them in a healthy environment can be daunting. Who hasn’t heard horror stories of foster home nightmares? If you are in a position that you want to take in children as their guardian. There is a financial safeguard that the government gives to make the transition and new living arrangements easier. An allowance is provided, that is tax-free and can help with new expenses and daily living costs.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have taken in children. The British Government offers £66 monthly, in addition to the child care benefits you may also be eligible to receive. There is no income requirements to qualify and no penalty for being a high earner. It doesn’t affect your reported income if you are on social assistance and if you are a single parent, you will receive this allowance weekly.

To be eligible, you must meet the requirements to receive the Child Benefit, the children must be in your care and their deceased parents must have been a long-standing resident of the country or born here. In situations where only one parent is living, such as where the sole parent is in prison or the hospital for a period of two years or one parent died and the other was never known, you may also be eligible.

Call The Guardian’s Allowance Number 0843 455 0049.

To find out if you meet the requirements for a guardian’s allowance, download and fill out a BG1 claim form. If you need any help give the guardian’s allowance number a call and ask for help filling in the form.  As soon as the child comes to live with you, get the process going as it can backdate for up to 3 months to help you with the first initial transitional costs. You can also contact the HMRC on 0843 455 0049 and they can help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have based on your particular circumstances. More information is available at citizens information website.

Guardian’s Allowance Information.

Phone Number0843 455 0049
Guardian’s Allowance OfficeHM Revenue and Customs – Guardian’s Allowance Unit.
Child Benefit Office.
PO Box 1.
Newcastle upon Tyne.
NE88 1AA.
United Kingdom.
Opening Times8.30 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday
Closed Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays
Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance

CALL 0843 455 0033


Can I Get Maternity Allowance

Maternity Allowance Number

The government offers expectant women an allowance. This is for self-employed women or those whose earnings do not allow them to claim the statutory benefit. Maternity benefit is paid out for thirty-nine (39) weeks. And can be paid every two weeks or, every four weeks in arrears. This period is usually referred to as the maternity allowance period. This service is backed up by a Maternity Allowance helpline number for contact purposes.


For a person to confirm their eligibility for this allowance, here are a few guidelines:

  • If the individual is not entitled to statutory maternity pay, the proof of this is required in the form of a document known as SMP1. This document will list why the person is ineligible for statutory allowance.
  • If the individual has been employed for a minimum of twenty-six(26) of the sixty-six(66) weeks before the expected week of delivery, they are eligible for maternity allowance.
  • If the person earns a gross weekly wage of fewer than thirty pounds for the duration of the test period.
  • When the individual is considered to make a gross weekly wage of thirty pounds during the test period.
  • The expectant person has stopped work to deliver her baby.

To get this allowance, you do not have to be a UK citizen. People who have registered their businesses with HM Revenue and Customs are eligible. Failure to register or late registration could lead to you losing all or part of the allowance.

The Helpline Number is 0843 455 0033.

It is advisable to claim maternity allowance at the start of the fourteenth week before the expected delivery week. That is when the claim is officially recognised. In the case of an earlier than anticipated birth, the mother can immediately claim the allowance. It does not affect the progress of the test period.

In the case of sickness during the last month of pregnancy, it is always advisable that a claim is immediately filed. This facilitates the immediate start of your allowance on the day after sickness is reported. Further details can be accessed through the helpline number 0843 455 0033.

More information on the allowance and the process of payment. Is easily obtained by calling the helpline. This will get you professional help how to go about claiming the allowance. You can download a claim form here, more info can be seen here at the Money Advice Service.

Maternity Allowance Numbers.

DepartmentHelpline Number
Maternity Allowance0843 455 0033

Office Hours.

DepartmentHelpline Number
Monday – Friday8 am to 6 pm

Office Address.

DepartmentPostal Address
Maternity Allowance OfficeWrexham Maternity Allowance.
Mail Handling, Site A,
Wolverhampton WV98 1SU.
Child Benefit

Child Benefit

CALL 0843 455 0128


How To Get Child Benefit Number

Child Benefit Number

General Information.
This Benefit is paid to eligible families with children under sixteen, and sometimes to families with children aged 16-20 who are still in full-time education. It is not means-tested, so it does not depend on your income is below a certain level. Once you have been awarded Child Benefit, you will receive a Reference number, which you may need in order to prove your eligibility for other services.

How to Claim.

Claiming is a simple matter of filling in a form, and returning it, by post, to the office in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The relevant form, CH2, can be downloaded from the government website. Alternatively, it is common for new mothers to be given a Bounty Pack by their midwife, which contains a copy of the form. Calling the Child Benefit Number and requesting a form if you can not find a form.

Who Can Claim?

Only one person can claim this benefit for any one child. This needs to be a person with responsibility for a child, or children, aged under 16. Those responsible for older teenagers might also be able to claim, providing the young person is in approved, full-time education or training.

How Much Will I Get?

The amount of child benefit depends on your individual circumstances but you can use the turn2us calculator to use as a guide before you give them a call.

Child Benefit & Other Numbers.

DepartmentHelpline Number
Child Benefit Helpline0843 455 0128
Tax Credits Helpline0843 455 0127
Universal Credit Helpline0843 455 0035

Child Benefit Address.

DepartmentPostal Address
Child Benefit OfficeHM Revenue and Customs.
PO Box 1.
Newcastle Upon Tyne.
NE88 1AA.

How Much Will I Receive?

At the time of writing, the rates for Benefits are:

  • £20.70 per week for the eldest child.
  • £13.70 per week for subsequent children.

How is it Paid?

Child Benefit is generally paid every four weeks. Some families can choose to receive payment weekly, but this only applies to single-parent families and those in receipt of certain benefits. You will usually be paid on a Monday or a Tuesday, directly into your bank account. In the case of a bank holiday, payment is made early.

Contacting the Correct Office.

If you call the helpline number 0843 455 0128, you will need to have your reference number to hand. You can find this on any of the letters they have sent you.

Finding Your Reference Number.

You may need to provide proof that you receive this benefit, for example, when making other claims. The Child Benefit reference number is proof. It is made up of the letters CHB followed by eight digits, and two letters. It is found on your award notice, and on other correspondence. If necessary, you can also call 0843 455 0128 and ask for your reference number.

Child Benefit Helpline 0843 455 0128.

Read more about not losing your benefit.

Crisis Loan

Crisis Loan

CALL 0843 455 7047


What is A Crisis Loan

Crisis Loan Number

Did you know that you can access a range of financial services that can bail you out in the case of a crisis? Well, here is the secret; you can call Crisis Loan Helpline 0843 455 7047 to get financial assistance to sort you out whenever you are faced with an overwhelming emergency. The financial assistance you get in case of an emergency is aptly named crisis loans.

A crisis loan is an interest-free financial facility offered by the government and is available to anyone above the age of 16 years. You do not need to be a beneficiary of other government benefits to access a crisis loan.

Crisis loans in the UK are now known as Budgeting loans and are paid from the social fund. They can be used to bridge the gap when moving to universal credit, as this is paid every 4 weeks.

A Few Facts About Crisis Loans

Now Under Local Councils

As of March 2013, crisis loans are no longer issued by the government. However local councils have been tasked with sustaining a functional emergency support system for the citizenry. The support, which is taken from Discretionary Funds, usually depends on the prevailing personal circumstances as well as the local council’s procedures and guidelines.

What You Can Do With a Crisis Loan

Most of us have seen tough times at least once in our lives. Therefore, if you are facing hard times, you can get a loan to help you sort out essentials such as;

  • Daily expenses such as food
  • Boarding or loading charges/hostel residential fees
  • Travel expenses for those who are stranded away from home

Crisis loans are also issued when disasters such as floods or fires which cause temporary financial crisis from the destruction of property and loss of livelihoods. The emergency loan can help you meet daily expenses such as food as well as help replace household items.

The crisis loan also comes in handy for those whose Community Care Grant is insufficient for other expenses such as advance rent to private landlords.

How Much Is Issued?

A crisis loan, unlike other government benefits, does not have limits on the amount that each should be given. However, there are a few factors that determine the amount you will be given. These factors are:

  • The prevailing severity of your circumstances
  • The amount you have saved up
  • Any unpaid Social Fund Loans

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.

How to Access Crisis Loans

The rules and regulations pertaining to crisis funding vary from one council to the next; there is no set general rule. While one council send the money directly to churches and food banks, others offer a card that is already loaded with the cash you need while others will give you cash on a short term basis.

There are a few conditions, however, that cut across the board. These conditions that qualify you for a crisis loan include:

  • Must be 16 years and above
  • A duly filled application form
  • You must not have taken the same loan more than 3 times in one year

The standard processing time for a crisis loan is 19 days. If by the 20th day you have not received any notification regarding the progress of your application, you can call the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031. It is not advisable to call if the processing time has not lapsed, unless if you would like to cancel the application.

You must note that the crisis loan is only used to meet dire needs such as healthcare, food, and shelter. It cannot be used as court fees, education, debt repayments or work-related expenses. Before you take up the loan, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement.

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.

How to Repay the Crisis Loan

Like all other financial facilities, it is important to note down the terms attached to the crisis loans. Once out qualify for the funds and they are released for your use, it is advisable to work out a repayment loan with the help of your Social Security Adviser. You can call the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031 to get advice on how to go about it.

When working out a repayment plan, keep the following in mind.

  • The repayment amounts should be affordable to you
  • A repayment frequency should be achievable

Since the loan is an interest-free facility, you will pay exactly what you got (in smaller, affordable instalments). The best part about this facility is that it is not counted as a government benefit. This means that your chances on other government benefits are not affected.

What to Do If You Have a Query

If you are not pleased with the decision the local council makes concerning your crisis loan application, you should forward your complaints in writing to the Jobs and Benefits Office or the Social Security Office within 28 days of the decision. If you are still not okay with the decision the Social Fund Inspector makes, you are allowed to apply for a review. Alternatively, you can make good use of the Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 0031 to forward your complaints and queries.

There are three addresses to return your application form to depending on where you live, download a claim form.

Crisis Loans:

DepartmentHelpline Number
Budgeting Loans0843 455 7047

Crisis Loan Opening Hours:

DaysOpening Hours
Monday to Friday.8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday & Sundays.Closed

Application Address:

Social Fund
Social Fund
East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, East Anglia and Essex.
Chesterfield Benefit Centre.
Mail Handling Site A.
WV98 1GG.
London, the South and South East, North East and North West England or Wales.
Wembley Benefit Centre.
Mail Handling Site A.
WV98 1HE.
West Midlands, South West England or Scotland.
Birmingham Social Fund.
Post Handling Site B.
WV99 1DA.

Crisis Loan Number 0843 455 7047.


Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate

CALL 0843 455 0092


Claim A Tax Rebate

Tax Rebate Number

Overpaid taxes Explained and How You Can Apply for It. At the end of each financial year, people are burdened with the task of filing tax returns and declaring their investments. When it comes to taxes, people always look for ways to reduce their tax liability. After all, nobody likes to pay more than what they owe! In fact, a lot of people also looks for ways in which they can boost their tax rebate or refund, which is why they contact the tax refund number. It is important to keep in mind that tax refunds are something that a majority of the people do not get. To understand whether or not you’re eligible for a refund, you need to understand the concept of a tax refund in the first place before you contact the tax refund number.

So, how can I get a rebate? This is defined as a refund of taxes that an individual receives when the tax liability is less than the tax amount paid by him/her. However, this isn’t the only scenario where you can get a tax rebate. You can also receive a rebate if taxes were deducted because you missed out on declaring your investments, the ones which help in tax savings. This is usually the case with working individuals because they forget to declare the investments made by them to the company they work for.

Tax Refund Number 0843 455 0092.

If you have an inkling that you qualify for tax refund then you can contact the tax refund number listed here. It is, however, required to have your income tax filed first to see whether or not you’re eligible for a rebate. In the case of salaried individuals, it is important to check with the employer for Form-16. If your tax return is missing a tax refund figure then there is no need to apply for the same because you will directly receive a cheque in the address stated or the amount will be credited directly to your bank account by the Income Tax Department.

In case you do not see a tax rebate figure in your returns then you will need to take the reins and claim a tax rebate yourself. The tax helpline number will be of great assistance here. Basically, if you have not submitted proper documents declaring your investments then you will need to do so by submitting a Revised Return of Income. You will be required to make a claim for such a rebate via Form 30.

Tax rebate can be quite a confusing and intimidating subject for people who are not well-versed with taxes. Thus, it is quite normal for people to be at a complete loss when it comes to rebates. Hence it is advisable to seek help from a tax expert in such cases in order to make things easier for you. Of course, there is also a tax refund number that you can contact in order to receive assistance. Calling up the number is, of course, easier and more convenient than visiting the income tax department office in person.

Tax Refund Phone Number 0843 455 0092.

Download a blank Tax Return for you to fill in, there are also other personal tax forms that you can download from this link. 3 steps to claim tax back after you have lost your job.

Get a Tax Rebate/Refund Number.

Helpline Tell:0843 455 0092
HMRC OfficeSelf Assessment.
HM Revenue and Customs.
BX9 1AS, UK.
Office Hours:Monday – Friday – 8.00 am – 8.00 pm
Saturday – 8.00 am – 4.00 pm
Sunday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Capital Gains Tax Helpline

Capital Gains Tax Helpline

CALL 0843 455 0092


Capital Gains Tax Helpline

What is Capital Gains Tax and how can the Helpline help you? It is a tax on the gain when you dispose of or sell something at a value higher than the actual price. It is the gain that is taxed, and it mostly happens with investments but also applies to personal property.

What Is The Tax Paid On?
The Tax is paid on the gain when you sell chargeable assets such as;
• business assets.
• personal possessions worth £6,000 excluding your car.
property apart from your main home.
• shares that are not in a PEP, NISA or ISA.

You might be in a position to reduce any tax you pay by claiming a relief based on the asset. The tax is only paid when your overall gains are above an annual tax-free allowance.

In the case of death and you inherit an asset; Inheritance Tax is usually paid by the estate of the person who has passed on. When you dispose of the asset in future, you only have to calculate if you need to pay Capital Gains Tax. To know more about what you don’t pay tax on, or when you don’t pay tax, contact The Helpline for a comprehensive guide.

CGT Helpline 0843 455 0092.

How to Work Out If You Need To Pay.
Calculating your total taxable gains:
a) Calculate the gain for every asset you have disposed of in the tax year (a tax year runs from 6 April to 5 April the subsequent year).
b) Combine the gains for each asset
c) Deduct every allowable loss.

If the taxable gains exceed your allowance; you will need to report and pay the tax due. Using the tax Calculator can be helpful when working out how much tax to pay.

CGT number

Account and Pay.
Any Capital Gains reported needs to be paid in a Self Assessment tax return. You must include the computation of every capital gain or loss in your report. You will need data from your records on the costs and the proceeds for every asset. Additionally, you are required to include other information such as any reliefs you are entitled. You can get assistance with your tax return from a tax adviser, accountant or you can use the Capital Gains Contact Number.

What If You Make Capital Losses?
Capital losses from investments and not from the sale of property are deducted from the gains you made in the same tax year. You can deduct losses that were not utilised during the preceding year if your entire taxable gain is still beyond the tax-free allowance. If your gain to the tax-free allowance is decreased, you can carry forward the residual losses to the upcoming year.

Tax Advice Line 0843 455 0092.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC):

DepartmentHelpline Number
Office Number0843 455 0092

HMRC Opening Hours:

DaysOpening Hours
Monday to Friday.8.00am to 8.00pm
Saturday.8.00am to 4.00pm

HMRC Office Postal Address:

HMRC DepartmentAddress
Revenue & CustomsCapital Gains Tax Queries.
HM Revenue and Customs.
BX9 1AS.
United Kingdom.
National Insurance Helpline

National Insurance Helpline

CALL 0843 455 0119


What Is National Insurance

National Insurance Helpline

NI or National Insurance, as it tends to be abbreviated, is a specific contribution you pay in to help you qualify for certain benefits when you need them, such as the basic State Pension, contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Maternity Allowance.

Non-Nationals can only apply for a NI number once they reach Britain. Only those who have the right to study or work in the UK can receive a NI number.

Although you should be paying NI if you are over 16 the self-employed who earn under £5,965 a year and employees earning less than £155 are exempt from deductions but still can make voluntary contributions. Depending on your class if you earn between £112 and £155 a year you may be entitled to a rebate. You still may be entitled to a rebate if you earn less than £770 and are over 21, again depending on your classification. This is generally dependent on your employer’s contribution scheme.

National Insurance Number 0843 455 0119.

Although the rate for the tax year 2015 was 13.8% this will now no longer apply. Please ring the number below if you require further details.

If you feel you have gaps in your NI you can make up these contributions through donations. You can request to see your NI statement if you wish to inquire if you have any gaps in your NI payments or credits.

Note that you can still apply for benefits without a NI number, please contact your Jobcentre Plus for more details. You may also work, but it is better to apply for a NI number before you start.

Please ring the NI Helpline number if you have lost your NI number or you are over 18 and have yet to receive one. The helpline can help if you require details about statutory payments. It can also inform you about the rates and thresholds for NI, for instance, how much of your wage is converted into NI.

The NI Helpline is 0843 455 0119. Should you require the NI Helpline number and you live outside the UK, please call +44 8434 550 199. Phone lines are open from Monday to Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm, please note that all calls are confidential. You can apply for a NI number online by completing the online form here or click here to get a Government Gateway number.

You can learn more about NI on the BBC Newsbeat website.

Helpline info for National Insurance.

Contact Number0843 455 0119
NI OfficeHM Revenue & Customs.
NI Contributions & Employer Office.
NI Registrations.
Benton Park View.
NE98 1ZZ.
Helplines:Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm
Saturday – 8am to 4pm
Closed Sundays & bank holidays
Stamp Duty Helpline

Stamp Duty Helpline

CALL 0843 455 0047


Who Pays Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty Helpline

Working out how much duty you need to pay on the purchase of your new house can be daunting. But calling the helpline number will get you all the help you need. The government has recently revealed that it’s potentially in the process of reviewing the duty thresholds for homeowners and landlords. Which will come into effect in April 2016 to correspond with the new financial year?

If you need to clarify the new stamp duty requirements, then there is a dedicated contact number for you to call. Or take a look at the money advice service website for help and advice on buying a home.

In order to encourage first-time buyers wishing to get a foothold on the property ladder, the government is going to continue with the legislation installed in 2000 which states that a property purchase of £125,000 or less is exempt from duty completely. However, for property purchases of £125,001 or more. The duty can have an impact on the overall cost of buying a property. There are many property websites which have calculators that help you arrive at a figure you will have to pay the HMRC. Again, if you need more support or advice calculating the tax payable. Then you can phone the helpline number provided 0843 455 0047. To calculate stamp duty click here, or click here to make a payment to the HMRC.

The duty thresholds that are currently in existence are decided by several property price layers. Property stamp duty thresholds are as follows. A house which costs between £125,001 and £250,000 the current duty is 2% of the cost price. However, for houses regardless of whether they are freehold or leasehold costing between £250,001 and £925,000 the cost of the duty more than doubles.

Contact Number 0843 455 0047.

Instead of having to pay 2% duty it suddenly increases to 5% of the cost price of the property. In addition, the percentage rate of duty continues to increase for properties which cost between £925,001 and £1.5 million pounds. For property buyers that purchase property between the £925,001 and £1.5million bracket, the percentage rate increases to 10% of the cost of the property.

The highest threshold rate relates to properties that cost £1.5 million and higher. Properties within this bracket have to pay a duty of 12% of the property cost price. Ultimately, to get an exact total do not hesitate calling the helpline number for advice.

HMRC Helpline Number:

Land Tax HelplineContact Number
CGT Office Number0843 455 0092

HMRC Opening Times:

DaysOpening Hours
Mon to Fri.8.30am to 5.00pm
Sat & Sun.Closed

HMRC Postal Address:

HMRC DepartmentAddress
Revenue & CustomsBirmingham Stamp Office.
9th Floor,
City Centre House,
30 Union Street,
Birmingham, B2 4AR.
Inheritance Tax Helpline

Inheritance Tax Helpline

CALL 0843 455 0046


What Is Inheritance Tax?

Inheritance Tax helplineThis is a tax paid on money, possessions and property. That is passed on to the heirs after the death of the original owner of these financial assets. In some countries, this tax is informally known as ‘death duty’. Although this is not used as a legal definition. This tax is taken in addition to any tax which has been paid while the wealth was accumulated during the deceased’s lifetime. Due to the complexity and uncertainty around these tax issues. The UK government provide a contact number to assist people with any queries which they might have around about their responsibilities.

In some countries, This type of Tax is only paid if the assets of the deceased are above a certain threshold. If the assets are above the threshold then the tax is applied to the amount of money which goes over the threshold. Once the tax has been paid, the remaining money is distributed according to the person’s will. If there was no will then the money will go to the person’s next of kin. This will usually be a member of the person’s family.

Inheritance Tax Contact number 0843 455 0046.

An Inheritance Tax helpline can give assistance in understanding what next steps need to be taken in the event of someone’s death. This can be a difficult time and assistance may be needed to ensure that further upset is not caused by an unexpected tax bill. In most countries, there is a deadline after the date of death. At which point the tax due must be paid. If the money is not paid at this time. Financial penalties or interest may be added to the amount owed to the government.

It is usually that the executor, named in the deceased person’s will. Will be responsible for ensuring that Inheritance Tax is paid appropriately. Complex forms may need to be filled in and sent to the government in order to establish what amount of tax needs to be paid. These would need to detail the value of any property or assets inherited, as well as the amount of money which has been passed on. To get a better understanding of how to correctly complete the forms you should contact the government’s Helpline Number.

Useful Links.
Forms that may need filling in by the executor, if you are below the threshold, and these are if you are above the threshold. Click here to see the current threshold.

Inheritance Tax Contact Info.

Contact0843 455 0046
Inheritance Tax
Postal Address
HM Revenue & Customs
Inheritance Tax,
St Mungo’s Road,
Glasgow, G70 5WY.
Hours:9am – 5pm – Monday to Friday
Closed bank – holidays & weekends.
Corporation Tax helpline

Corporation Tax helpline

CALL 0843 455 0045


About Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax Helpline

Corporation Tax. It’s complicated. There are many requirements specified by legislation, regulations and rulings. You can get help in two ways. Hiring an accountant or tax adviser, or by calling the HMRC Tax helpline in the UK on 0843 455 0045. If you are outside the UK the Tax helpline number is +44 843 455 0045.

But first, let’s understand a little more about Corporation Tax. In a nutshell, it is a tax on the profits of a business. The government uses the taxes collected to fund the provision of services by the state.

For the purposes of the tax business is:

  • a limited company.
  • any foreign company with branches or offices in the UK.
  • a club, co-operative or other unincorporated association like a sports club.

A taxable profit is any money a business makes after expenses. It can be from:

  • trading profits.
  • investments.
  • chargeable gain from selling or disposing of any assets.

For UK based companies all profits are liable for the tax, both local and overseas. But foreign companies only pay the tax on the profits earned in the UK.

Tax Phone Number 0843 455 0045.

It’s the responsibility of a business to meet its tax obligations. To do this requires the business:

  • registers with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
  • maintains accounting records.
  • prepares a Company Tax Return.
  • pays the Corporation Tax or reports that none is payable.
  • submits its Company Tax Return on time.

Payment and filing of the Company Tax Return and supporting documents are all online here.

Missing a deadline is expensive. If a business misses a payment on the due date, interest is payable from the day after. And charged on a daily basis read more.

The deadline for the tax depends on the taxable profit payable as follows:

  • Up to £1.5 million. Due 9 months and 1 day. After the end of the accounting period.
  • More than £1.5 million. Payable by instalments. Based on the length of the accounting period.

The Corporation Tax rate for company profits changes over time. The rate(s) used are those applicable to a company’s accounting period. From 1 April 2015, the rate is 20%. But rates and their basis were different before this date. And can be different for ‘ring fence profits” for UK oil-related profits. Deductions or tax credits are also available.

So it’s complicated. Ringing the HMRC Tax Contact Number can help sort it out. Just remember to have your 10-digit Unique Tax Reference handy when you call.

Other Tax resources. has lots of info on tax. All you need to know about company taxes
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The Corporation Tax Contact Details.

Helpline0843 455 0045
HMRC OfficeCorporation Tax Services,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AX,
United Kingdom.
Office Hours:08.00 to 18.00 – Mon to Fri
Closed weekends

Other HMRC Number.

VAT Office0843 455 0092
PAYE0843 455 0092
Nation Insurance Helpline0843 455 0119