Attendance Allowance Helpline

Attendance Allowance Helpline

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What Is Attendance Allowance?

Attendance Allowance HelplineAttendance Allowance is a payment made by the government to people aged 65 and over who suffer from a severe disability and require additional help with their care needs. This benefit has been replaced by PIP. Payments which are only available to people aged 65 and under the same criteria. It is awarded at two separate rates depending on the level of disability and care needs. More advice on if you or someone you care for qualify, call the helpline number and see. The team of professional advisors will be able to inform you which rate you would be most likely to receive if you made a claim.

Attendance Allowance Contact Number 0843 455 0115.

If you decide to make a claim you can download the AA1A form. Help is available completing the form by calling the dedicated Helpline number on 0843 455 0115. Once the form has been processed. You will be required to undergo an assessment, to ensure that you receive the correct entitlement. Also in order to confirm your details and eligibility. These assessments are held locally to you and can be arranged to be done at home if you feel that your disability prevents you from travelling to an appointment. Help with this process can be sought by giving the helpline a call.

Once you have completed the assessment and your claim has been approved, you will be paid weekly direct into your bank account at the rate agreed when your claim was approved. If your claim is declined for any reason, you can ask for a mandatory reconsideration of the decision or you can appeal the decision in writing to the Social Security Tribunal. Help and advice can be given by the helpline if you should choose to appeal a decision. Help is also available at age uk where you can see all the benefits available from the HMRC.

Contact Attendance Allowance.

Helpline Number0843 455 0115
Attendance Allowance OfficeAttendance Allowance Unit.
Mail Handling Site A.
WV98 2AD.
Opening TimesMonday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm
Closed on all Public and Bank Holidays.

Attendance Allowance Number 0843 455 0115.

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